Landlord Tenant Law

Defense Against Unlawful Eviction

If you are being evicted from your apartment but haven’t been paying your rent on time, you may have a defense against unreasonable eviction. You may have the right to stay in the apartment, even if you haven’t paid the rent for months. However, if you’ve been given an incorrect notice, you may have a defense against unreasonable. If you’ve been evicted because you’ve not paid the rent, you should learn more about the law and the proper way to handle your case so ask your local Chicago landlord and tenant lawyer for explanation.

Listed below are common counterclaims and defenses tenants can use to win their evictions. These are the most common types of eviction claims. If you are a tenant, you can also use a retaliation defense if the eviction is in response to your actions such as reporting code violations, asking for repairs, or complaining about poor living conditions. This defense allows you to claim that your landlord was aware of the bad conditions and did nothing to rectify them. If the landlord did know, he can dismiss your lawsuit if the security deposit covers your damages.

Another common counterclaim is that the landlord did not properly maintain the rental unit. In this case, the landlord did not give the tenant an adequate notice to vacate. It may not be the landlord’s fault that the tenant was late with his rent. But if the landlord sent you a new notice after you filed your defense, you may be able to win your eviction case by proving that the eviction was done legally.

If your landlord has failed to fix the problems, you can file a motion for a new trial. Your landlord must have given you enough time to remedy the problem, or you may lose the case altogether. If you can prove that the problem is so severe that it is not livable, he can request a judgment. Otherwise, the landlord must pay your rent or put it into an escrow account. If he hasn’t fixed the problem, he has the right to ask you for money damages.

In addition to requesting a new trial, you can also appeal your eviction. You need to prove that you disagreed with the landlord on the facts and the law. If your landlord is unable to make the unit livable, you can move out. If your landlord is able to fix the problem, the court will not be hesitant to allow you to remain in the property. This can also result in a large amount of money.

Retaliatory eviction occurs when a landlord tries to evict a tenant due to their complaints against them. The landlord may have been retaliating against you because you complained about the problems, but if you’ve reported the violations, he won’t be able to evict you. The landlord should make this clear in the eviction papers and contact the court on your behalf.


Saving And Building Better Relationships Through Couples Counseling

Couples counseling aims to improve the communication and intimacy in relationships. Usually, the first couple therapy session will be spent together, but there may also be individual sessions. These sessions are used to collect background information and to determine the specific needs of each partner. Other times, couples may seek therapy to help them adjust to a major relationship transition, such as marriage or a stepfamily. A marriage counselor can provide invaluable advice and support during this time.

In the case of an unhappy marriage, couples should consider seeking counseling. The counselor should be knowledgeable about the couple’s history and can help the couple work through the issues. The counselor should be an expert in the field and should be able to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the couple to discuss their relationship problems. It is important to choose a professional who has worked with similar clients. If the couple is new to therapy, they should select a counselor who has the same background as them and a similar style.

A couples counselor can be a powerful tool for repairing the relationship. In couples counseling, a professional counselor can act as ground control for the relationship and help the couple resolve problems in a way that benefits both partners. By being an active participant in the process, the counselor will help the couple resolve their issues in a more effective and respectful manner. Further, the couple can get to know the new approach through this therapy. If the counseling sessions have not worked for the couple, they should seek out professional assistance.

The Gottman Method is a proven method of relationship therapy. Developed by John Gottman and Julie Gottman, this model is based on research findings that spanned 40 years. The process focuses on identifying and correcting key behaviors that damage the relationship. Moreover, it addresses the four horsemen, values, and areas of contention in a relationship. In addition to these, couples counselors also focus on managing conflict between partners.

A marriage counselor will help a couple to understand their differences and to improve their communication. A couple will learn how to resolve differences with the help of individual therapy. When individual therapy is not possible, the counselor can recommend a more appropriate method to solve the issues. The Gottman method focuses on key behaviors that damage the relationship. It mainly focuses on criticism, contempt, stonewalling, and areas of contention. Once the counseling process has been completed, the couple will be able to work on solving the problems together.

Some couples find it difficult to maintain a relationship and may need professional help. However, this does not mean that the couple should be at a dead end. In fact, the benefits of couples counseling are significant. If the two partners are committed to each other, the relationship will be stable and happy. It will also be more secure, and the two people will be able to cooperate better. It will be a great place to raise children and work on improving communication between the two. For more details on couples counseling visit

Lighting Design

Indoor Lighting Designs For Your Business

Many homeowners and business owners are opting for traditional house and restaurant indoor lighting designs to illuminate their commercial spaces. These kinds of lighting fixtures are capable of creating a warm and cozy ambiance that is favored by many people. However, there are also some people who prefer contemporary indoor lighting designs, especially those that are made using the latest technology. As such, if you are interested in getting your commercial space lighting designed, it would be wise to look for an Orlando commercial lighting design expert.

One of the most popular indoor lighting designs preferred by many homeowners and businesses today is the type that contains natural light elements. With the introduction of new technologies and sophisticated equipment, these types of designs have become easier to install. In fact, you can do this on your own without the help of a professional. With this kind of design, the light source can come from anywhere, even from different parts of your home or from a nearby street. Some people prefer to use lamps with a round shade that has three or more bulbs. This helps produce a uniform brightness even in the areas that are not closely lit.

On the other hand, there are also other kinds of indoor lighting designs that are composed of features that can provide a warm ambiance in areas where you want to relax and where you want to spend time. For example, you may choose between fluorescent lights and accent lighting features that can create a warm and relaxing glow. In addition, you may also choose between torchieres and track lighting fixtures that can provide a specific kind of highlight in your space. If you want to create a romantic and intimate ambiance in a particular area, you may want to install dimmers for the light fixtures so that the setting will appear more dim or cozy. In fact, this is also one of the design features that can be combined with more traditional styles of lighting fixtures.

Another interesting aspect of indoor lighting designs is the use of materials that can either filter or reflect natural light. For example, chandeliers and lampshades that are made of stained glass and are also surrounded by panels of glass are examples of designs that feature the use of such materials. These design elements allow natural light to enter interior spaces even when these areas are located in the darker parts of the house. The panels of glass in the chandeliers and lampshades are also what help reflect and scatter light in a more even manner. However, this type of design is best used in places where you need artificial light and where the windows are large enough to allow natural light to enter even if they are located at the top of the building.

In terms of commercial indoor lighting designs, there are plenty of options available to businesses that need them. You can choose between fixtures that have been designed specifically for outdoor spaces, those that are meant to be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, and even those that are created from unique materials such as stained glass. There are many possibilities that a business can explore if they want to add some interesting elements to their commercial spaces. The choice of materials for a particular commercial space will depend on the nature of the product or service that is being offered.

Indoor lighting designs also include different types of wall lighting solutions. As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used for illuminating walls so you can ensure that your customers can find their way around your office easily. It can also be used as an added feature in hallways and at entrances so you can attract new customers with the right image. Wall lighting designs can create a romantic atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom, while it can also make a kitchen and dining area look more inviting. Visit, to find the right design that will enhance the look and functionality of your space.

Graphic Designing & Printing

Designing Promotional Item Printing and Graphic Design in Scottsdale

Have you decided to give your business a boost by designing an item to give to your patrons as a means of advertising? If so, you may want to consider printing a custom logo on a promotional item for your customers. There are many options available when it comes to customizing a gift for the people that are most likely to use it such as your employees, contractors, and customers. A popular choice for corporate businesses is a personal shower replacement vanity which can be printed with a logo of your choice or that of your company.

When considering a gift, it is important to think about what will be most useful to your customer or client. For example, if you are marketing a medical equipment company, you may want to include medical-related keywords such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, and other medical equipment. Designing a catchy and eye-catching sticker can go a long way in boosting your social media marketing efforts. Your chosen graphic design and printing service provider can help to guide you in the right direction in terms of the types of colors and materials that are most appealing to your customer base.

Some of the most popular types of promotional items include personalized mugs, key chains, lanyards, coasters, and coffee mugs. Although there are many different ways that these items can be used to promote your business, having a professional graphic design and print shop create your custom gifts will ensure that you are getting the most benefit from the investment that you make in these promotional items. Many of the top companies in the world use graphic design and print shops to create their corporate identity on their business gifts as well as other important items such as mouse pads, notepads, pens, calendars, and other items.

Most printing service providers that specialize in creating custom printed materials for your business or personal needs can create all of the items that you need. They have stencils that can be used to imprint most any type of text on any type of surface including custom printed mugs, key chains, and lanyards. These professionals can also design and print promotional items that feature your company’s logo as well as the name and contact information of your company. Whether your business is in the services industry or you simply want to give your employees something that is sure to make a statement about your company, using a printing service for designing promotional items is a smart move. When it comes to designing promotional items for your business, scottsdale residents should look no further than an experienced graphic design and print shop for all of their needs.

Print shops in Carrollton offer a wide range of services that include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, manuals, flyers, folders, brochures, posters, and more. Their experienced graphic designers work closely with you to determine the best types of colors, paper patterns, and other printing options that will enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts as well as help to create the right impact when it comes to your custom printed materials. A quality graphic design and print shop in Scottsdale is capable of creating business cards, flyers, and catalogs that will help you promote your business with quality graphics and professionally designed advertising materials that will stand out from your competitors.

Using a professional graphic design and print shop can help you ensure that your advertising efforts are designed to attract customers and drive up the volume of sales for your business. There are many advantages to choosing a printing service for designing promotional items in Scottsdale including the fact that many of these companies offer high quality products at a reasonable price. These businesses often work with local, seasonal, and international artists to create beautiful custom advertising items. Many of these graphic design and print shops will work with your design ideas to create specific advertising items that are specific to your target audience. This type of personalized service makes it easy for you to provide your target clients with advertising that is designed with them in mind.

Auto & Boat Detailing

Different Services That Boat Detailing Companies Offer

Boat and Yacht Detailing is not only limited to cleaning and polishing of the boat interiors but also includes the exteriors of the boat and the fittings. You need to hire a boat and yacht detailing expert who can effectively remove all kinds of dirt, grease, stains and spots. The detailing experts have the necessary skill and expertise to do boat and yacht repair, refinishing, restoration, and cleaning. The prices vary depending on the type of services you need. On average, a boat detailing expert will cost you from around $8 per foot to over 40 dollars per foot for the various services offered.

For a normal sized boat, the price would range from six to ten dollars per foot for the services offered. The services include the following – boat and yacht detailing, boat and yacht refinishing, boat and yacht cleaning and marine window cleaning. If you have a boat with a larger engine than 18vesalar, you would need to get the engine cleaned and re-jetted before you start using it for sailing. You may also need to have your transom and some of the trim repainted before using it for your sailing or other leisure purpose. You can get these services at marine windows, boat and yacht detailing shops, or at different offices that deal with boat and yacht detailing.

Detailing experts use eco-friendly cleaners and polishes for cleaning, so you can be assured that your boat is being thoroughly and properly cleaned. The boat detailing expert will use mild soaps and water-based polishes to clean your boat. They also follow proper polishing procedures and protect the finish of the boat from damage. When you hire a boat and yacht detailing expert, make sure that they use eco-friendly cleaners and polish so you can be assured that the environment is not damaged during the cleaning process. Most boat detailing companies also provide protection covers to safeguard your boat finish. This is to protect the finish from damage that may occur while the cleaning process.

The third service that is usually offered by boat detailing professionals is repairing the external damage on the boat as well. External damage can come in the form of scratches, dents, rips, gouges, tears, dirt, or anything else that may have been inflicted on the exterior of the boats. The extent to which the external damage needs to be repaired depends on the kind of damage, the condition of the boat, and how detailed the detailing job is.

Boat and Yacht Detailing professionals also deal with removing the marine varnish and applying new coats of varnish to the exterior of the boats. They provide examples of types of varnishes and coatings that are used for boat detailing. Some of the common types of coating include polyester, marine grade paint, epoxy, zinc, and acrylics. The number of coats of varnish or coating that a professional boat detailing company requires to make a boat look good and remain protected is contingent on several factors.

For example, it may depend on the size of the boat and its hull shape. Professional boat detailing professionals also deal with cleaning and polishing of the boats’ hull. While a boat’s hull is one of the most essential parts of a boat, the appearance of the hull can be made to look excellent by using cleaning solutions and polishes that remove dirt, grease, and grime. These solutions and polishes are most often chemical-based and require special equipment, attention, and use. For more details on boat detailing just visit

Graphic Designing & Printing

Necessary and needed material for good printing

What are the benefits of digital printing? What are the advantages of using a digital printing company? How will you know if digital printing is right for your business? In this article I’m going to discuss the benefits of digital printing and how you can get started today!


Santa-Ana Print Shop  Digital printing has many advantages and perks; ability to create large-scale, high-quality print runs in a shorter amount of time. High-resolution print heads can provide superior results with less waste. Quick turnaround time keeps projects moving along at a steady pace. Also, lower cost per unit means that the profit margin is greater for the printer.


Digital printing offers the ability to produce printed proofs right on the printing press. Digital prints are created by inserting an image or pattern directly into the offset press. The printed proof is created on offset paper stock and then simply inserted back into the press when the printed proof is complete. Digital printing saves both time and money compared to offset printing!


Digital printing involves the production of digital images directly from a computer. The computer controls what is printed and how it is displayed. Unlike traditional printing, there is no need for in-process processing such as binding, sheet clothing, or proofing. This eliminates the time and expense that would otherwise be spent during the printing process. Digital printing involves the production of digital files which can be easily read and edited.


Desktop publishing is another service offered by a digital printing company. With desktop publishing, an author provides digital sources such as images, word documents, and PDF documents. A desktop publishing company usually works with one printer which allows a customer to submit their file and have it printed as many times as necessary until all of the needed materials are printed. Some printing companies offer expedited services in which a customer can receive all of their materials printed and ready to go in 24 hours or less.


Printing and graphic companies often offer matte and gloss finish products at a lower cost per unit than other methods. This is because they are able to offer a higher quality product at a lower cost per unit. These types of finishes help to maintain the original look and feel of the printed materials. The reduced costs and high quality of digital printing materials make them a desirable choice for businesses of all sizes. They are available in many areas and can be customized to meet any budget and any need. Digital printing is the wave of the future and is projected to continue to grow and become more popular in the future.

Debt Relief

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Debt is an overwhelming problem for many people, especially if they have been buried under a pile of debt for quite some time. Finding the best way to pay multiple debt accounts with a minimum of hassle is a goal that many Tucsonans have. There are many services available in Tucson to help those in need with debt consolidation and debt relief. Debt consolidation in Tucson is not limited to just one way. There is a company that offers debt relief services to fit every budget and debt need.

Some of the more common debt consolidation services in Arizona are credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt negotiation and bankruptcy. Each of these options can be time-consuming and frustrating when researching each option to come up with the best solution for your specific situation. Bankruptcy should never even be considered without consulting a qualified bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer can provide information on the laws that will affect your situation and provide you with the best way to proceed after filing for bankruptcy.

Credit counseling is a service that can provide information on debt consolidation that will help to improve your credit score and help you get back on your feet. While there are many good credit counseling companies, there are also some that are out to simply take your money and run. To make sure you receive the best service for your money, make sure the credit counselor is certified and trained by the Better Business Bureau. If there are red flags you don’t want to deal with, look for a different credit counselor.

If you are looking for a debt consolidation service in Tucson, there are many great companies waiting to assist you. A debt management group in Tucson has been helping families in Tucson obtain debt relief for over 10 years. This debt management group is a non-profit organization and they do not charge for their services. They provide free debt counseling as well as financial education to help you manage your finances. This is one of the best ways to achieve debt relief in Arizona.

If you are looking for a good debt relief Scottsdale company, try searching online. There are many companies waiting to work with you and there are several debt management groups that offer free services. Research the companies thoroughly before making a decision as to which one is best for you. The best way to find a debt consolidation Tucson company or a credit score consulting firm is to ask others that have been through the process. If you are able to ask them what debt consolidation companies and credit score consulting firms they used, it will help you decide which one is best for you.

When it comes to debt relief, debt consolidation Tucson solutions can help you out. With a debt management group offering you professional advice and financial education, you can get back on your feet. You can pay off your debt faster and consolidate your debt into one easy monthly payment. It will help you avoid late fees and penalties that will hurt your credit score even further. You will also be able to make one payment a month instead of several and this will make it much easier for you to manage your money. Debt consolidation Tucson solutions are there for you when you need them.

Graphic Designing & Printing

3 Types of Printing Methods

Are you looking for a printing company that is both reliable and professional? Whether you are printing t-shirts, printing business cards, or custom signs and banner, you want the best printing company that is going to meet all your needs. There are many different options when it comes to printing products, so it is important to make sure that you find a printing company in Little Rock that can meet your printing needs. A reliable printing business in Little Rock will offer many different services, including custom signs and banner printing, as well as printing mugs, mouse pads, and custom umbrellas. If you want to use custom signs and banner printing to advertise your business, you will be happy to know that printing businesses in Little Rock can help you with your advertising needs. You can work with a printing company in Little Rock to create quality custom signs and banners, which will attract customers to your company.

Any printing company in Little Rock that offers custom signs and banner printing can do t-shirts, logo mouse pads, printed mugs, and custom umbrellas. You can choose a printing technique to create each design, including desktop publishing, online printing, and embroidery. You can also choose a printing technique to create a short brochure or sign, such as desktop publishing. You can also request a vinyl decal printing or embroidery service, which will give you great results. A custom sign and banner printing service in Little Rock will be able to meet all of your printing needs, including short advertisements and custom signs and banners.

If you are printing custom signs and banners, you may want to work with a printing service that can do both printing and customization. For example, some printing companies can work with your image or logo to create a design that you like, then they can work with you to create the exact details of your design. This is helpful for businesses that want to create a striking visual impact on potential customers. Some printing companies also offer same-day business cards printing and logo printing.

The cost of custom signs and banners will depend on many factors, such as the size of the printing area and the number of signs or banners you need to produce. The cost is also determined by the printing services you choose. Professional printing services that offer the same-day commercial printing service can provide affordable printing solutions. Same-day printing services usually deliver digitally ordered materials, which ensure that the website is always running quickly and efficiently. Some printing services guarantee the time frame they will be available to print your materials, which is helpful if you need a last-minute printing solution.

You can create unique t-shirt and custom hoodie designs when you work with an online printing company. Online printing companies offer materials that are top quality, but you don’t have to pay a premium price for these materials. You can design and create any size of t-shirt or hoodie, and the color and design of the printed materials are easy to match to your specific needs. You can work with professional designers to create the perfect design that fits your personal taste. You can then have the printed materials printed in a number of different colors, sizes, and designs.

T-shirt printing offers many advantages. You can save time and money when you choose to print t-shirts and other apparel with the use of an online printing company. Online printers are able to provide fast delivery, high quality, affordable products, and quick turnaround times. If you need to have a large number of custom printed items, you can choose to work with one of the on site printers. They are experienced in providing the highest quality apparel printing method and material.

Business Marketing

Choosing Truck Wrap Graphics that Attract a Lot of Attention

What is a Truck Wrap? Truck wraps, also known as wrap art, are large, vinyl decals which are used to either cover the whole pickup’s body or just part of it, enabling it to alter the appearance of the vehicle drastically. The auto wrap decal sheets can come in any style, from full-color graphics to tiny one-square-foot prints, thereby covering the entire truck in custom-designed designs which are sure to attract a lot of attention. The popularity of auto wrap designs has soared in recent times due to several reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that many people are looking for ways to make their trucks stand out from the rest of the road, giving them an identity and a persona.

Truck Wraps


It’s very common nowadays to see custom auto wraps on cars and trucks, most of which are made from vinyl because vinyl is highly resistant to harsh elements such as corrosion and weathering, making it a great choice for outdoor paint jobs. According to, these decals, when applied correctly, will look great and blend nicely with the original paint job of your vehicle, giving it a two-toned, seamless look that is also extremely durable. Another reason why these vinyl decals are so popular is because they can easily be removed, allowing you to enjoy both the aesthetic value and the protection of paint job coverage without having to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on having it re-painted.


Truck wraps, also known as drapes, can either be purchased pre-ordered or fabricated at a local spray paint shop or automotive factory. The latter option, however, is often the more economical choice for individuals who want to have truck fancy dress for private events, company meetings, or festivals, while transporting food trucks, hot rods, or oversized merchandise. However, most people simply purchase pre-made wraps at automotive supply and auto parts stores, and these are typically manufactured from high-quality vinyl with adhesive backing. The vinyl used in these products is exceptionally clear, vibrant, and even glossy, which are qualities that are hard to find in regular vehicle wrapping papers, especially those found at the grocery store. Since these products are typically thicker than regular wrapping papers, they can also resist UV damage better, preventing fading and cracking in the future. These specialty truck accessories are also available in various colors and designs to complement different preferences.


Customized truck wraps offer a great way to add an extra layer of protection to a vehicle that already has a paint job that is suitable for outdoor use. Food trucks, toy trucks, and chrome-plated trucks are all ideal candidates for customizing their wraps, especially since they are designed for added protection against harsh weather. These decorations are excellent at blocking harmful UV rays and keeping drivers comfortable during long drives on the road. Many companies will order standard rolls of tape or vinyl according to the customer’s particular needs, which means these customization orders can come in any color, size, or design. These tape rolls can be easily cut to fit around the frame of the truck, providing an excellent way to customize any vehicle.


Custom car wraps can also be made from vinyl, providing an easy and inexpensive way to decorate the exterior of a car. With this option, companies can add their logo, company name, and message to customized car wrap. These types of advertising graphics are perfect for promoting special events, fundraising efforts, or holiday festivities. The ability to tie any type of special event or promotion into a larger marketing campaign is advantageous for many businesses. Companies that utilize custom car wraps to promote events can increase their overall visibility, generate new leads, and build positive business relationships with local businesses.

Businesses that want to advertise in a unique manner should consider purchasing custom vehicle wraps. The added benefit of this advertising strategy is that it’s a simple way to make a lasting impression on consumers. Custom car wraps can also provide an added boost of motivation for drivers and shoppers alike. In addition to customizing a vehicle, businesses that use vehicle wraps can display other advertising graphics on their vehicles around town. This allows for an array of advertising options to be featured on one vehicle.

Debt Relief

Role of Debt Relief Companies in Settlement, Consolidation of Debts

Often times, consumers who are delinquent in repayment of their debts seek the advice of a debt relief professional in order to find out if debt settlement would be a better option than bankruptcy. According to, the common question that comes up in relation to debt settlement is should credit card debt in my 401(k) able to be settled via a debt settlement program. The answer to this question is yes it can be. It depends on the amount of debt and the amount of outstanding debt.

For a consumer who has more than ten thousand dollars in unsecured debt and an annual income of less than twenty-five thousand dollars, the odds of qualifying for a debt settlement program would be good. The reason behind this low income bracket is that they are considered unqualified for the debt relief offered by debt settlement companies because of their bad credit history. The good news for these consumers is that there are debt settlement companies which are willing to take on even large amounts of unsecured debt. In fact, many of them have portfolios with a diversified mix of secured and unsecured debt.


Debt settlement companies provide debtors with a negotiation process through which they try to reduce the creditors’ rates of interests and the monthly payments that are due. A debtor approaches a settlement company, explains his or her financial situation and asks for help in negotiating with the creditor. The settlement company’s representatives to go over all the options with the debtor in order to come up with a suitable deal.


If the debtor decides to go for bankruptcy instead of settling the debt, his or her credit score would suffer for at least seven years. Once the debtor files for bankruptcy, his or her creditors cannot ask for any repayment from him or her. This means that they have no way of collecting any monies from the bankrupt. On the other hand, if the debtor manages to repay the creditors after filing for bankruptcy, he or she will be able to find decent jobs and can regain the lost credibility that he or she had lost after filing for bankruptcy.


In fact, a debtor can opt for early debt relief if he or she is facing problems with meeting the payment for unsecured debt and other debts like credit cards. However, if such an action leads to late payments on secured debt, the creditor may decide to file a case of bankruptcy against the debtor. This is one of the major disadvantages associated with debt settlement. Early debt relief may also lead to an increase in the interest rates of the debt. Hence, it is important that the debtor makes a wise decision regarding the payment of late fees or penalties.

Another important drawback of settlement of debts is the fact that the consumer does not pay any of the debt amount to the creditor, said a debt relief help company. A creditor agrees to accept the settlement if he or she is able to recover at least some of the money that is owed by the consumer. Hence, there are many people who are unaware about the negative impact that filing for bankruptcy has in future. The government has introduced several debt settlement programs that help the defaulters to come out of the burden of debts by paying a smaller amount to the creditor. It has also been noticed that a number of people have increased their savings due to the availability of debt settlement programs.